Illinois Construction Liability Insurance

Affordable Illinois construction liability insurance. Get liability, commercial auto, workers comp, and more.

Protect Your Business With An Agency That Specializes In Illinois Commercial Construction Insurance

If you’re in the construction business, nobody needs to tell you how tough it is to weather the economic storms and intense competition. But even if you survive those, your business is still under constant threat, without the protection of the proper Illinois construction liability insurance.

Even when you have this type of Construction Company Insurance, you may be devastated to learn it doesn’t protect you just when you need it most.

Put those worries aside right now by consulting the insurance experts at Weiss Insurance Agencies.

We’ve been safeguarding businesses for more than a century.

And when it comes to Illinois Construction Business Insurance, we have the in-depth experience and expertise that ensures you have a policy tailored to your needs.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies, we work with a variety of construction businesses in Illinois and across the nation, including:

  • General building contractors
  • Heavy construction contractors
  • Specialty trade contractors

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Customized Illinois Construction Liability Insurance

We have worked with hundreds of construction companies over the decades, but we know that each one is different. Your market niches, your risks, your key people, your business priorities, make you unique.

So why should you settle for anything less than a unique, customized Illinois construction liability insurance?

Weiss Insurance Agencies can protect you against a wide range of construction contractor business risks, including:

  • Property, site and equipment damage and destruction
  • Liability lawsuits from clients, employees, suppliers and the public
  • Hazards and perils that apply to specific jobs
  • Additional protection for high-risk activities
  • Subcontractor defaults
  • Commercial vehicles, including specialist construction site vehicles
  • Damage to or loss of materials, both on-site and in transit
  • Group Health Insurance and Workers Compensation for your employees
  • Key person insurance
  • Business interruption risks
  • Personal risks you face including life, disability and loss of earnings protection

The Weiss Insurance Agencies Way

How do we do it?

  • We take the time to get to know you and understand your business
  • If you have existing Illinois Construction Business Insurance, we help review it
  • We walk you through your options and explain what they cover
  • We put together a unique Construction Business Insurance plan for you
  • We secure the best possible rates with every available discount
  • We stay in touch with you and keep your insurance needs under review
  • We provide ongoing guidance on business risk issues
  • We’re there for you if you need to make a claim

The great thing about the Weiss Insurance Agencies approach is that your Illinois construction liability insurance program won’t pull any surprises.

You’ll know you’re properly protected, you’ll know you’re dealing with a company that cares about you, and you’ll know you’re paying the best rates.

Get started now by simply completing the free quote request form on the top of this page.

This could be crucial to securing the future of your business, so don’t waste a moment.

The quote service is free and there’s absolutely no commitment. We’ll happily answer any questions you have too. For all your Illinois Construction Insurance needs just come to Weiss Insurance Agencies.