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As a contractor, there’s no shortage of competition for the best jobs. Each job has the ability to make your business money. However, each of these jobs can also carry a lot of risk.

That’s why as a contractor, you need to partner with an agency that understands the work of contractors. That understands the day-to-day changes in a contractor’s business. Most importantly, who can work with you to protect your business properly, for the best possible price.

Discount Contractor Liability Insurance Quotes

For contractors, insurance serves two purposes.

First, insurance can keep you in business when an accident actually does occur. When the “once in a lifetime” type accident does happen, you have the protection you need to allow your business to operate today and in the future.

The list of coverage areas that can be addressed in your Illinois contractor liability insurance quote can include:

  • Liability – Known as contractor’s liability or contractor’s general liability, this coverage protects you against claims and/or lawsuits from third parties.
  • Workers Compensation – Covers you and your employees for on the job injuries.
  • Contractor and Construction Bonds – Offers protection to a businesses, government entity or group of consumers through the use of a financial guarantee.
  • Property & Equipment– Covers your property and its contents. Along with equipment you use for operation.
  • Trucks and other commercial vehicle insurance – Similar to personal auto insurance but the liability protects your business, not your personal assets.

The second purpose of insurance for contractors and this is unlike any other industry, is that you need an insurance agency to partner with. Someone who can help you win a project by getting you the right limits at a price you can afford. Someone who can get out certificates fast, when you ask for them.

As you know, much money has been lost when contractors can’t get a proper Illinois contractor liability insurance quote. At Weiss Insurance Agencies, specializing in contractors allows us to be one of the most efficient organizations when it comes to getting you what you need to run your business.

The Importance of Contractors Liability Insurance

Most contractors don’t know if they have coverage for something until it is too late. If your contractor liability insurance quote misses any one aspect of this protection, your job and your company will be at risk.

In our experience, most contractors simply renew year after year thinking their insurance is taken care. However, they’re not sure what they’re covered for because most contractors actual work changes from year to year.

As a contractor, your job is to perform work for your clients. Not worry about your insurance. Not worry if you’re covered or not.

So let Weiss Insurance Agencies help.

We will start with reviewing your current policy and the work you do. Looking for any errors and offering suggestions for improvement.

After, we will go to our companies who specialize in your certain niche, e.g. artisan contractors, remodeling contractors, etc…Who provide great coverage, good service, and at the best possible price.

Price is always a concern for contractors but with a custom contractors insurance policy, you are in control of what types and amounts of coverage you that want to pay for. It can be surprisingly affordable. Therefore, many of our clients of Weiss Insurance Agencies actual save money while adding coverage.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Get started with your contractor liability insurance quote now so that your coverage is in place by the time you bid your next job and you’ll be able to incorporate those costs.
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