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Imagine the satisfaction one year from now when you get a copy of your experience modification to find that your “mod” has decreased by 20%.
And think of the impact on your bottom line, if you’re able to reduce your experience mod even more over the following years with a well run loss control program. Or how would you like to get back your audit this year, only to find out you don’t owe anything. Nor, have you tied up working capital for a year by overpaying.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies, as a trusted independent insurance agent in Illinois since 1905, we have access to multiple A-Rated insurance companies who can provide fast, affordable Illinois workers compensation quotes.

But once your policy is in place, our work isn’t done.

We’ve helped businesses lower their workers comp rates overnight with our unique process to shopping your workers compensation insurance.  Just as important, with the value added services you receive as a client of Weiss Insurance Agencies will help you save much more in the long-term.

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If you’re smart, you’ve decided to purchase an employers workers compensation insurance policy for your business or on yourself if you’re an independent contractor…but the problem is it can be expensive. That’s why you’re always trying to reduce your workmens compensation costs.

And it’s not easy…unless you work with an experienced insurance agent who understands the laws in Illinois and its surrounding states regarding workers comp.

Having insured businesses in the Chicagoland area since 1905, Weiss Insurance Agencies can help save you a substantial amount of money by examining the following four areas as they pertain to your business:

  • Rates: While workers compensation rates are standard, depending on carrier, insurance companies apply what they call “deviations, premium discounts or schedule credits” from those rates, up or down depending on the loss experience.
  • Premium Audit: When it is time for your annual premium audit, we can make sure you are properly classified and that you maintain your records to receive the most advantageous payroll calculations and classes.
  • Experience Mod: We will help make sure your experience mod is an accurate reflection of your claims.
  • Loss Control: A loss control or risk management program where injuries to your employees are minimal because of the safety features used on your premises.

Weiss Insurance Agencies Your Illinois Workers Comp Insurance Expert

At Weiss Insurance Agencies we have provided Illinois workers compensation quotes insurance for decades.

As a client of Weiss Insurance Agencies, you willn’t just receive a quote but you’ll have access to valuable, accurate insurance information pertaining to the workers compensation aspect of your business.

We have unique programs for many different types of industries. Just as important, with many different types of payment plans.

It pays to review your policy yearly to make sure you are receiving all of the premium discounts or schedule credits your business is entitled to. So, complete the quote form on the top of this page today now.

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