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The purpose of insurance is to protect yourself from financial catastrophe–the risks that can change your financial future overnight.

As a renter, while you don’t face as many of these risks as a homeowner, they’re still there.

Two risks renters face are theft and fire.

If your most prized possessions were stolen or destroyed in a fire, would that change your life? For most people, the answer is yes.

You’d have to get yourself back on your feet. You’d need a place to stay. Basic household items to maintain your standard of living.

Estimates show 2/3 of renters in the U.S. are uninsured. The ironic thing is Illinois renters insurance can be very inexpensive. For a minimum policy for those just starting off in life, coverage can be obtained for as little as $10 to $15 a month.

Doesn’t My Landlord Cover My Possessions?

One misconception about Illinois renters insurance is that as long as your landlord has purchased insurance, you’re covered.

Apartment Building Insurance, if it’s even purchased, covers the actual building. e.g. walls, fixtures, exterior, etc…

It doesn’t cover your possessions. Your bed, clothes, furniture, etc…

In addition to personal possessions, your renters insurance in Illinois also gives you liability protection. For example, maybe your dog attacked someone causing them to miss work. Or, what if someone got hurt at a party at your apartment?

These are the type of risks a quality Illinois renters policy can protect against. Without one, the liability would come back to you personally and when dealing with medical bills and missed work, totals can add up fast.

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The very low cost of renters coverage makes it a smart move to protect yourself from financial catastrophe.

Let the Illinois renters insurance experts at Weiss Insurance Agencies help.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies we’ve been insuring the people of Illinois for over 100 years. Also, as an independent agent, you’ll get multiple quotes from different insurance companies.

Like most policyholders, you’ll be surprised by how little rental insurance costs and how much it actually covers.

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Did you know by combining your Illinois Renter Insurance with other types of personal insurance such as Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, or Boat Insurance you may be eligible to receive a discount on both insurance policies?